Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

So the last three weeks have gone pretty quickly.  I went back to the doctor yesterday for a check up on my finger.  The sprains are healing well and I'm on to phase two of the process.

These are called bands and it is 24x7, take them off only to do the exercises three times per day.  Typing is a bit difficult.  Knitting is tough but I think it will get easier.  After three weeks of not bending a joint, it doesn't like to do that.  I'm considering knitting to be physical therapy.  It just might take some building up.  Oh, and yes, it does hurt.  The doctor said that "you must not confuse healing and pain."  So a little pain is necessary.  Actually I'm feeling much better about the prospects.

In the meantime my socks are slowly progressing.  I also did some swatching this weekend for some new designs.  Thank you all for your encouragement on my hat design.

You know the drill  - check out Tami's to see lots of great projects.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Finished Object Friday

I hope everyone in the US survived Thanksgiving.  We had a great time cooking and watching football.      Today I have something to share that I am very thankful for.  About a year ago, actually maybe longer, I saw a call for submissions from Vogue for a hat book they were planning.  As a lark I sent in my design for my Masters Level and I was completely shocked when it was accepted.  The book came out several weeks ago, Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Hat  but the pictures of patterns were just uploaded last week.  My hat was selected as their Beret example.
I am so honored to be in this book.  It really is a very complete guide to hats, describing the patterns and shaping of all types of hats.  It is definitely on my list of things to be thankful for.  And if you are a close reader of my blog, you will remember that my Masters Hat (in different colors) won the ribbon at the state fair.
Shows the difference color makes.

Have a great Friday, especially if this is a holiday for you and check out the great projects at Tami's and     Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - Thanksgiving Edition

It's almost Thanksgiving, the weather is beautiful, new job is great, family is all good, and I'm still able to knit with my finger in the splint.  All in all, so much to be thankful for.

I find I can knit lace and sock weight yarn; thicker hurts my hands.  So my cardigan has made no progress even though there is less than a week of work on it.  So it is a good thing that I'm on a sock kick.

My second pair of socks with a self-striping yarn.  Going very well.

and my third pair for my mom.  This is in a great tencel/wool from Alicia Goes Around.  Great hand dyed blue color that this picture doesn't do justice.

 Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving holiday, with food, family, and lots of yarn!  Check out Tami's to see all the great projects.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Combination Work in Progress and Finished Object

I started this post on Tuesday night.  It is now Thursday night.  I have a bit of an excuse.  My big news is that I hurt my ring finger on my right hand back in July.  Why would that qualify as news you ask?  Because I just ignored it for four and a half months because I was afraid that they would tell me not to knit or that I had arthritis  or needed surgery.  So I said nothing, knit through the pain and told no one until two weeks ago at my annual physical.  The doctor sent me to a specialist. The good news is no surgery, no weird shots, no bone damage, no arthritis.  I sprained a tendon and a ligament and need to wear a splint for maybe three weeks.
The doctor was very apologetic of how this will be a long, three phase healing process and I will have pain for at least four months.  Hey, I've lived with it for five months with some pretty serious pain when I did a lot of knitting.  No surgery - great, I can live with some pain.  I can knit, though it is slow.  Typing is also difficult.  An excuse for poor spelling.  Two days later, I'm getting a better idea of what he meant by pain.  This is going to be highly annoying.  If I don't hurt one of the other fingers in the process it will be a miracle.  By the end of the day, it hurts pretty much.  Of course that is when I want to knit.  This work in progress stuff will hang around for a very long time I'm afraid.  

But here is what I have in the works.  My second pair of socks.  Toe up and two at a time has been a revelation.

My Sophia sweater is progressing slooooowly.  I'm almost done the sleeves.  

For a finished object, I never shared my first pair of socks.  I'm wearing them now.  Very plain but I love them.  

I'm excited that this weekend is the Kid 'n Ewe fiberfest in Boerne TX.  I'm going to go on Saturday for the first time.  It is supposed to be great.  I might not be able to knit much but I can buy yarn!

So, tomorrow head to Tami's and Wisdom begins in Wonder to see great items.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Finished Object Friday

Today I can share my latest pattern for Knit Picks, Heritage Mittens and Hat.  It just went up yesterday and I'm very pleased with how they came out.

I actually did it in two different color ways, the purple, pink and grey and the red, yellow and black.
This was a lot of knitting that I wasn't able to share here for several weeks, but now I can.  I have to say that I love when they do the pictures because their models are so cute and their pictures are so much better than mine.

On other fronts, I started a new job this week and am very excited about it.  But it has cut into my previously free-wheeling schedule and knitting time.  But it is all good and I'm thankful for it.

Since it is Friday, head over to Tami's and Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see lots of great inspiration.