Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Work in Progress

A few weeks in a row!  Yeah.  I'm working on a sweater, my design.  I had this idea about a chevron striped pullover.  I haven't had any luck getting good pictures of the stitch pattern.  It is a combination of two different chevron patterns (one with yarn overs and one with yarn in front and back) and a garter stripe.  There are four colors and five sizes of stripes.  I'm really enjoying doing this - no deadlines, no worrying about sizing it four ways.  The yarn is Berroco's Remix, which is a recycled yarn of cotton, silk, nylon and acrylic.  I got the yarn on the yarn crawl this fall and just loved the colors and the feel of it.  This is the back, I'm making it long enough for a tunic but just at the point of shaping the armholes.  I'm going to try to do the sleeves as set in from the top down to match up the stripes.  We shall see in a few weeks how that goes.
I'm still working on hexipuffs at various times and my socks.  For some reason I can't find a picture of those at the moment.  I like the way that the pattern looks but it is not going very quickly.  I might need to change needles.  Last night was our guild meeting and I polished off two more hexipuffs in between taking the minutes. Everything else i was working on is at a difficult place.  Socks are just about at the gusset and the sweater is at the armhole shaping.  I can't do all of those things at a meeting while taking notes, but hexipuffs are perfect for that.

On a sadder note, my first ever pair of socks has bit the dust.  Holes in the heels.  These were made of a superwash sport weight wool - not sock yarn.  I did them in a toe up sock class and they were the socks that convinced me last fall that I could conquer my sock fears.  I'm on my third pair of socks since then - all out of yarn that is actually designed for socks.  I have to admit that I didn't treat these very well - washed them until they were practically felted and also wore them out on the driveway to get the newspaper.  I'm going to save them though because they make me happy to look at them.

Head over to Tami's to check out the works in progress.


  1. Your sweater looks lovely. I really like the color combination.
    I'm sorry about your socks.

  2. The hexis looks awesome. Sorry about your socks.

  3. I still have the first pair I made and they were sock yarn, but very thick. So I doubt I will wear through them too soon. They are my bed socks!!