Monday, August 27, 2012

Guild Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Dallas Hand Knitter's Guild. In 20 years we have had over 600 members.  Over 50 showed up yesterday for a proper ladies' tea, a program on mitered knitting and a terrific Show and Tell.  There are some very talented knitters out there doing amazing work.

I have only been in this guild two years, starting my third.  It has been a great experience to meet other knitters but also to learn.  Our guild's purpose is education and every meeting has wonderful speakers and topics.

There is always so much to learn in knitting.  It is really helpful to have a group to do that with.  So thanks and congratulations to DHKG as they now start their 21st year.

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  1. I wish there had been a guild when I lived in Dallas! Congratulations on 20 years.