Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Work in Progress - Boring Knitting

All of my projects are boring right now.  I am definitely not going to keep up my finished object a week  streak.  I'm still pushing through it though because I want to finish them.  First is a simple scarf.  The interesting thing is the yarn - it is 100% mink.  It is from Lotus yarns and I don't see it listed on Ravelry, the name on the label is Mimi.  I bought it at the summer TKGA show; a friend and great knitter was an enabler on this one.  This is a simple diagonal rib pattern with two strands.  The sample had been put in the dryer to make it fluffy.  It was a dream.  It is pretty nice now but I'm hoping that finishing will help.

Bigger project is a skirt.  I'm halfway through - hmm, hadn't thought of it that way before.  More encouraging.  But it is boring and a rather slow project.  I'm not even going to put up the picture because it is not very interesting at this stage - it looks like tweed, which is what I was trying to do.

I haven't been feeling well lately, allergies, stomach issues, etc…  My husband's recovery has been slower than we were hoping.  He started therapy yesterday and today is the first day that he can drive so hopefully that will make it better.  I have struggled to get back into my daily routine and it all leaves me feeling a little down.  It occurred to me yesterday that I need a more exciting knitting project and that would make me feel better.  So, that hasn't translated yet into the energy to go upstairs to my yarn closet and figure out what to start swatching.  Hopefully today.  

Our guild has Chris Bylsma coming in this weekend for a one day workshop.  She is doing the mornings on necklines and the afternoon on edgings.  I may have that reversed.  I have taken her Design in a Day class before and she is a very good teacher.  I don't feel that worried about necklines but I honestly struggle with edgings.  I have come to hate ribbing.  Just tired of always doing it.  I go out of my way to find other things to do.  So these workshops should be good.

I promise to try to perk up today.  Checking out the great WIP's at Tami's will be a help.


  1. Oh you definitely need to cast on something new, fun and exciting. Sounds like things are in a terrible rut! Mink yarn - now that's posh :)

    Chris Bylsma ... oh I'm jealous. She does lovely work.

  2. I love Chris B!!! Took her class on combining yarn to make stunning garments. Haven't used the knowledge though! As has been the case with tons of the classes I have taken over the years. Oh well, I sure had fun while taking them. I did an edging class with Sally Melville. It was full of fun ideas. Must go ferret out that binder of class notes. I too hate the same old beginnings and ends. Time to think out of the norm. Good luck on your projects. I am there with you. Three things going and just want to start new projects.

    1. You must be feeling better! Hope so. I did cast on some wonderful MadTosh to swatch and play. Helped my spirits greatly.