Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

We're back to the regular school year routine.  Back to school has been smooth - hard to believe that next year will be college not high school.  Guild started last night for the year.  I have the honor of being the president this year and it is more hectic than I expected, even after being on the board last year.  But we had a great meeting, good turn out and we're in good shape on membership - lots of new members, several previous members who have come back, and people just getting their renewals in faster than last year.

Our program was the first part of a KAL for an Elizabeth Zimmermann set in sleeve pattern using EPS.  I'm just going to do the doll sized sweater to get the techniques.  This is how much I got done in the doctor's waiting room this morning.  My husband has the green light to start physical therapy Monday, which means he is then cleared to drive and won't have to wear the sling/contraption he is in. Good News!  I will be very glad when he can drive, he definitely has cabin fever.

My major project right now is a skirt, top down.  You can see the black waistband and the body of the skirt coming out.  I'm probably three inches further on this now.  Very mindless knitting which is good but I might be bored quickly.

Head over to Tami's to see the other projects.

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