Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesdays

Not too much on the needles right now.  The first is a linen towel I’m doing for me to use in my kitchen.  So instead of lace it is stockinette but with a contrast border (eventually) at the top and bottom in a mosaic pattern. 

I’m also starting to work on the design of a aran sweater for the masters program.  So I have lots of swatches of cables.  These are some of my favorites.

Saxon Braid

XOXO Cable

Coin Cable

 I got lazy and didn't take the pictures in the best light.  Not sure yet which ones I will use.

This will be a long project in the making.  Hopefully it won’t be too many Wednesdays before there is something taking shape.

For great fiber works in progress, head over to Tami's.


  1. I think the Saxon cable is my favourite, it always looks so intricate and impressive :) You're really tempting me to make linen towels for my kitchen now!

  2. I agree - I like the Saxon cable best but as someone who hasn't cabled before I think all of them look very impressive!

  3. I love the idea of a mosaic pattern at the bottom of a towel to make it more interesting. Mostly because I'm nuts at fair isle, but still. So pretty!

    I used the XOXO cable to make fingerless gloves for a friend who always signs her name with it. :)

  4. Wow those cables are amazing! Love them all!

  5. Your towel will be pretty. Interested in what cable combination you pick for your sweater.

  6. Your handtowel is pretty.

    My favourite is the XO cable just cause it means hugs and kisses.LOL

  7. Your cables are stunning! I love the Saxon Braid particularly