Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Work in Progress

Lots going on while I was waiting for my sweater yarn to come in.  I won't bore you with hexipuffs every week but here is a look at them in a basket.  I made this basket myself - my one and only basketmaking effort - about 25 years ago.  I like how it looks but basket making takes blocks of time and isn't very portable, at least not as a novice.

Those hexipuffs are addictive.  Will need a larger basket shortly.  A purchased basket!

Then I started a brioche pattern to do a pillow cover.  Doesn't look like much yet and I am going to run out of yarn shortly, but here it is.

It has a great, springy texture.  I'll put an I-cord around the edge when it is eventually finished.

And my sweater yarn arrived yesterday so here is the beginning of the arms.  I'm about four rows above the ribbing.  There are two sleeves there, just scrunched together.

It is Wednesday - doesn't if feel like it should be Thursday?  That means head over to Tami's to check out her great yarn and all the other fabulous projects.


  1. Yep, feels like it should be Thursday to me too!

    Love the hexipuffs, I'm enjoying seeing them pop up all over blogland, but it does make it hard to resist trying some myself!

  2. Love your basket and love that its filled with gorgeous hexipuffs!!

  3. Those hexipuffs are very cool! This is the first time I have seen them. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. These hexipuffs seem to be taking over the blogiverse. I love the colors on yours.

  5. Hexipuffs - hmmm - maye that should be my afghan project this year!