Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Feels like forever since I have posted.  It is the longest time since I have started blogging.  The TKGA conference was fabulous and I learned so much about designing, finishing and technical tips.  I was very focused on what would help me for the Masters, but for fun I took a class on Bavarian Twisted Stitches and that was great.  My swatches are working their way home via the USPS so hopefully I'll have them and some wonderful additions to my stash soon.

I am feeling much more confident about designing the sweater - how to shape it and make it fit.  You can see I have one sleeve done and one in the works.  While I'm confident about how to make it fit, I'm still playing with the cable lay out on the back and also the edging for the cardigan fronts.  I took a great class on sweater design where we all got measured.  Not a single person in there was the size they thought they were!  What does that tell you about women and their body issues?

Masters Day was terrific and I learned a lot.  I thought I was done all of my swatches but there are about 5 that they want me to redo and probably another 3 that I want to redo now, because I know I can do better.  Lots of work to do.

For great inspiration, head over to Tami's.  It will be late tonight before I have time to check them out.  I feel disconnected now and need to get plugged back in.

Have a great day!


  1. Now I wonder if I know my actual body size! I just got fitted for a dress so I'm pretty sure I know, but one never knows.

  2. Those cables are gorgeous. Sounds like the conference was amazing - wonder if there is anything like that here in the UK?

  3. WOW that sleeve is gorgeous! I love that cable.

  4. I love the cable work for this! As for not knowing what my size is, well I know roughly how many inches I am in certain areas, but, unfortunately a lot of retailers sell clothing that fits me in one area but not another. Or I'll buy something that's a 1x, which normally fits me, only to find out it's too large, but if I go to another store and buy a 1x it might be too small.

    Sewing patterns are just as tough, I find myself having to modify them a lot to get them to fit. Which is probably why I've put off starting on a knitted sweater that I like so many times, because I'm afraid that even if I follow what the pattern says, it'll be too small.

  5. Sounds like a really useful event. Love your cables!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time and theose cable are amazing!

  7. What a beautiful cable -- I adore Celtic Knots, and this sweater seems like it will be chock full!

    Welcome back from your travels; sounds like a wonderful experience all around.