Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Good morning!  I came back from the TKGA conference very inspired.  Hard to believe it was two weeks ago.  Before I went, I thought I was just cruising through level three Masters work.  After Masters Day, I knew better.

When the committee members pulled out portable Ott lights and went stitch by stitch on the swatches, I knew I was not close to done.  I spent this weekend frantically re-knitting swatches.  Some because I chose the wrong yarn - I went bigger out of concern for their eyes.  Not to worry, they have magnifying glasses.   Some I just plain screwed up.
Some they might have accepted but now I know they are not my best work.  Wow, they have really warped my personality!  But I am so sorry they had to look at my level two argyle sock, I want my level three submission to be much better.  Suffice to say, I am not a sock knitter.
Tonight I'll sort out how many more I have left to do.  It is at least two more.  In the meantime, my aran sweater sleeve has only grown by a 16 row repeat, so not much to show on that.

Thanks to all of you who leave comments.  I really appreciate them and am so grateful that you are interested enough to stop by.

Check out the works in progress over at Tami's and I hope you have a lot of time for yarn today!


  1. Your swatches are beautiful!

  2. What do you mean, they went stitch by stitch ? What are they looking for ?

  3. Your posts simultaneously make me interested in the master program and terrified of trying it. :) It's nice to see that you aren't taking things too personally and that you are using this experience as encouragement to becoming a better knitter instead of quitting!

  4. Wow, I'm so impressed that you are going through the masters program. Good luck!