Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Hey, its still Wednesday here.  I have just the two projects - well actually I did do a hexi-puff this weekend but that isn't very laudable.  Both of these projects feel more like work than fun.  I'm enjoying them but they have self-imposed deadlines.

First, the back of the Aran sweater.  This is for Master Knitter Level 3 and it has to have bobbles in the pattern.  I know, not my favorite either but this bobble pattern is actually growing on me.  I'm almost finished but need some think time to make sure I do the bind off on the shoulder correctly.

Then my lace scarf with beads.  I bought this yarn bowl at a craft fair recently and it makes me smile.
Picture doesn't do the yarn and beads justice.  Trust me there are lots of them in there.

Hopefully I will have something finished before too long.

Go check out all the great works in progress, even if it is Thursday when you do it, at Tami's.

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  1. Your aran sweater is gorgeous! I'm not a fan of bobbles but they look really nice in your sweater.