Friday, October 14, 2011

Finished Object Friday

Well, this is cheating for Finished Objects, but we'll call it the State Fair Edition.  My husband and I snuck out to the fair during the week.  We did only the things we wanted to do - no rides, no milking demonstrations.  There was a great history exhibit and also some green (as in energy efficient) houses that were really cool.  Of course, we go to see the crafts.

My vest won first prize.  I was very proud.
Cardigan won second place.  First place was a very impressive Aran sweater.

They display in a strange way.  You usually have to reblock afterwards.  My lace shawl won an honorable mention.  It will definitely have to be reblocked.

Not very good picture, but you can see that it has beads - little white dots in the picture.  They are clear crystals with the silver pained on the inside of the bead.  Very shiny.  I have no idea what that is in front of it.

It is Friday - head over to Tami's to be inspired by lots of great finished objects.

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  1. That fair isle vest is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work - and congratulations on the ribbons.