Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Now that I am mostly past my deadline knitting, (see yesterday's post) I'm back to posting on Wednesday's.  It just didn't make sense to post when no one but me could tell the progress from week to week.  And there is a good chance I'll have finished objects for the next three weeks!  I shouldn't jinx it.

Two days ago, I started the Whirligig Shrug for our cousins baby girl who is expected in late March.  I love baby knits when you know the people involved.  Mostly because you can zoom right through them.  I should finish in a day or two.
This is in a multi-color cotton with light pinks through a maroony red and khaki color.  Machine wash and dryable and a natural fiber.  I'm making the smallest size but am a bit above gauge.  It may be a grow into garment - or not if it is a big baby.  I'm a bad judge at such things.

We've had company this last day.  My husband's aunt and uncle snow bird in the Rio Grande Valley - that is when people from cold snowy places spend the winter in warmer climates.  We are fortunate to be on the migration route and get to see them twice a year on their way down and then back up.  They are great fun and we always have a blast with them.

You know the drill.  Over at Tami's there are lots of great works in progress.  Have a great Thanksgiving for those of you in the US.


  1. I have the same problem with baby knits. I have no idea about baby sizing so it's hard for me to tell what sort of baby my stuff will fit, if any.

  2. Very cute; I can't wait to see it altogether. The ruffled bottom will be just adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Very cute shrug, I'm not brave enough and usually opt for knitted toys or blankets :)