Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

This is a transition time.  Lots of blocking, finishing and planning for the next project.  I've realized that it is better to start planning the next project, before one is completely finished.  Nothing is worse than having thirty minutes to just mindlessly knit and then having nothing ready to go.

So I have been blocking.  I usually do this on our guest bedroom bed.  The Shetland Tea Shawl took the entire bed.  Just a bit short of 5 ft in diameter - I couldn't get a good picture of the whole thing while being blocked, and I thought I had a picture of the edging but I don't have one.  I even ran out of pins when blocking it!

That meant there was no room to block the Fritillary.  My son is away at camp which meant I could take over his room for blocking of sweaters and swatches.

The lace edging is on the grey towel so hard to see.  All of this has now been finished and removed.  My son comes home on Saturday and there is no trace that blocking elves were there.  He has a great room - lots of light - would be a great knitting studio.  College is still two years away so I'm not rushing him out but I would love to have the room.  How terrible!  I haven't seen him in over two weeks and I'm plotting for his room.

The Fritillary is put together and just missing the buttonhole band and neck edging.  It GREW like crazy when it was wet.  Who knows if it will fit my mother now.  I was trying to scrunch it up during blocking.

 Then, I have been working on a mitten and hat design set.  Lots of swatching and colors for fair isle.

And I have started a sweater using my new found knowledge of how not to design a sweater for sizing.  I have the pattern written for the back and front for five commercial sizes plus mine (I have broader shoulders than anyone in the fashion world thinks I should have).  I cast on last night.  The red squares are the swatches that have been blocked.  This is a great merino/cashmere/silk blend that is hand dyed.  The picture doesn't do the stitch pattern or the color justice.  Just a tease for later.

I'm on the board of my local guild and we met last night.  Lots of work to get the year started in September and also we're celebrating our 20th anniversary in August so planning that party as well.  Lots of great programs coming and it is so much fun to work with these ladies.  They are creative, talented knitters and very competent on getting the business of the guild completed.

For lots of other great projects, check out Tami's for inspiration.  Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Plotting to take over your son's room. Now why haven't I thought of that!!! Oh yes, cause mine are only 13 and 7 quite a few more years at home

  2. You have great projects. They all look amazing. Good luck on the take over

  3. Wow, that tea shawl is stunning!!