Friday, August 23, 2013

Finished Object Friday

I think this is a record for the most Friday's in a row with a finished object.  I'm not jinxing it by going back to count how many weeks.  My Plaits and Links cardigan is finished!  I did enjoy the process of knitting this.  I was worried about the fit, my first full sized saddle shoulder sweater and it was practically a raglan shaped sleeve.  It does fit well, though the pictures are not all that I would like.  Honestly, it will be four to five months before I can wear this here and I was dying just trying this on yesterday.  100 degrees here yesterday!

The pattern calls for small buttons and just using the holes in the cables as buttonholes.  I hate button holes so I'm all for that, but I'm just thinking that this doesn't need buttons.  Maybe clasps.  If I had planned ahead it would have been perfect for a zipper, but I didn't plan ahead.
The other happy surprise of this was that blocking took care of the rolling of the cast on edges.  I was thinking I would have to use grosgrain ribbon but I don't think that will be necessary.  Our final class on this is tomorrow and the others may have good ideas on finishing ends and button holes.  But for now I'm calling it done!

Thank you all for your good thoughts about my husband's recovery.  I've had two nights of sleep without interruption and that is a great feeling.  He is getting better but sleeping a lot.  Healing takes a lot of energy.

Have a great weekend and head over to Tami's and Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see the great Fiber projects.


  1. How much overlap is built into the fronts? You might look at a button and a clasp mock up to see which works. Love the design!

  2. I love how the cardi looks. It always changes when laid flat -v- modeled on a person.

    The design and yarn color are perfect together.