Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday - Started the CustomFit Sweater

Happy Wednesday.  I'm back to lots of projects.  The newest one is my CustomFit Beta Sweater.  I mentioned last week that I am a beta tester for Amy Herzog's soon to be released CustomFit software.  Using the software, you put in your measurements and gauge information from a swatch.  You can make style choices around neckline, pullover or cardigan, length, sleeve type and length.  After you input that, it generates a pattern sized for your body.

I started on Monday.  I had the swatch done on Sunday and thought I had measurements done then as well but had to redo one.  Measuring yourself is not always the easiest, and as wonderful as my husband is, he wasn't always measuring right.  So I am almost to the back armholes.

Amy is big on vertical darts - see her blog for why.  I like waist shaping but until I read Amy's book I always did it on the sides.  One of the last sweaters I did, I used her method of vertical darts and it did fit really well.  In this case, the software is putting in two pairs of vertical darts on the back to get the amount of decreases I need without puckering.

I also cast on socks just to have a pair on hand when easy portable projects are needed.  These are Dead Simple Lace Socks by Wendy Johnson.  Red is my favorite color, though it hasn't shown up in my knitting in the last six months to a year.

Tomorrow my husband is having shoulder surgery, so I'm going to have about five hours of waiting time.  Knitting will help keep my mind off of all of it.  Recovery is supposed to be long and painful so it will probably be a difficult couple of weeks.

To see lots of great projects, head to Tami's.


  1. I hope the surgery goes well. I find some knitting is a welcome distraction - a meditation even - when there are hours of waiting and worrying ahead. Love all the reds. The custom fit sweater sounds awesome - I hope the pattern flies through testing!

  2. Thanks for your good thoughts. I know that you have had plenty of those hours.

  3. Very interesting, I've been following amy for a while and been wanting to use her techniques to knit a sweater for myself.

    I wish you and your husband all the best with the surgery. I am sure the knitting will be nice to have while waiting. Hopefully he recovers quickly.

  4. Saying prayers for you and your husband for tomorrow. Love the reds! Can't wait up see the sweater.

  5. Best wishes for the surgery.

    I think Amy H is amazing--she brings an engineer's eye to fashion. I am looking forward to the Custom Knit full launch.