Monday, December 12, 2011

A Major Milestone for Level Three!

I have just returned from the post office and mailing off my level three submission.
One very large notebook, a hat in a zip lock bag, and a sweater in tissue paper that got majorly crumpled and torn while trying to find a box big enough at the post office.  Yes, I do have a knack for picking the busiest day of the year for shipping.  They ask you to keep it to under five pounds; I'm at six.  If they are insistent on that rule they shouldn't ask for so much stuff.  Very relieved to have it on its way, before the holidays.  It will probably be three months before I hear back and some amount of redo is guaranteed.  I'm hoping to be done and complete and official by the end of June.

PS - the sweater will be my Friday FO.

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