Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - on the move!

Happy Wednesday!  I'm very confused as to what day it is this week.  Between the holiday and a looming big EVENT, I'm just not sure what day it is.

First the big EVENT - we're moving on Friday.  Yes, in two days.  No, it hasn't sunk in.  I think it qualifies as a work in progress because our house looks like this now.

And this:

The wonderful thing is we are moving to a townhouse with no outside maintenance!  The challenge is it is a smaller house - as in 60% smaller than our current house and smaller than anything we have lived in since we were married.  Not sure why we ended up with such a big house when we moved to Dallas four years ago, but for some reason we thought we needed six bedrooms for three people.  After taking care of what our real estate agent refers to as a small country club, we have come to our senses.  We have loved living in this house, but it no longer is how we want to live.  We had lots of house guests for the holidays, filled every bedroom, and threw a big dinner party to give it a send off; now it is time to move on.

As I mentioned in my New Year's post, I am trying to be much more deliberate about what type of life I want to live, that we want to live - and having all this stuff is no longer part of my dream.  That doesn't lessen the challenge of getting rid of so much stuff and how to do it in an environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible way.  However, I know we are going to make it and have the satisfaction of knowing that much of what we never used will go to homes where it will be used and loved.  Of course, satisfaction is not a cure for sore muscles, aching backs and not being able to find things.  It helps, it just isn't a cure.

Right now I don't have much going on the knitting front - I think that is understandable now.  For one thing, a lot of stuff is packed.  I haven't the strength to pick up the vest and do the i-cord trim correctly so it went into a box right away.  My completed hexi-puffs are packed but I do have the supplies for some in a portable bag to take if I end up waiting for an installation, a contractor, or an ER doctor (my husband had a run in with a box cutter while trying to cut cardboard down to size to fit in recycling bins - he's fine and I got 3 hexi-puffs done).  I'm working on a pullover which has a mock cable pattern.

My light box and extra special lighting is packed and has been for weeks (explaining the strange colors and weird staging of my pictures lately).    This is really a denim color.  Hopefully better pictures will come shortly.  I do have a finished object for this week that I have even worn but I forgot to take pictures and that is now packed too!  There is always next week.

Think good thoughts for us these next few days (I'm also supposed to have jury duty next week - any positive energy on not being picked for that would also be appreciated) and I'll definitely be back next Wednesday.

Have a great Wednesday and take some time to head over to Tami's to see the great fiber works.


  1. Good luck with your move. Can't you use jury duty as an excuse to not help with the unpacking? LOL

  2. I hadn't thought about that angle! I like the way you think.