Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work in progress Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.  I confess I have spent more time on unpacking than on knitting lately and it shows.  A sweater back that has been touched in two weeks.  The lace panel curtain that I have been working on and is probably about three feet long now.  Unfortunately I realized last night that it needs to be over seven feet long!  I'm going to work on it steady for the next week and a half at least - I'm already tired of the paper on that sidelight.  After that I will probably have hit my boredom limit and need some variety.

I'm declaring the move complete for purposes of this blog.  I have one box of knitting patterns to go through and a huge stack to scan.  And the pictures aren't hung up yet.  But everything else is done and I can park in the garage.  Always a good sign.  I'm especially happy with my yarn closet.

All those bins don't have yarn in them - okay, most of them do but not all.  I have weaving and spinning supplies and needles and tools in some of them.  This is very neat and organized for me.  Looking at it, I know it is not even organized by some of your definitions.  But I'm happy with it and determined to knit a bunch of it this year and try not to buy yarn until a good bit of it is gone.

What are you working on?  Head over to Tami's to see what everyone is working on.


  1. Your yarn closet looks fab :)

    Good luck with the curtain, 7 foot long sounds like a lot of work!

  2. Ooooh! I love your yarn closet, too.
    I'm trying to stick to knitting from stash, mainly, this year too. I think it will help that you've got it organized and all in one place.(my stash is under in 2 boxes under my bed, in a suitcase under my son's bed, in the hall closet, in a trunk and two garbage bags in my mom's room, behind my closet door, and inside my closet. Yikes!) Good luck!

  3. Your yarn cupboard looks super organized to me :) And it's much easier to knit through a bunch of it if you can see what you've got, isn't it!

  4. You look very organized! I love the lace curtain you are working on.

  5. Love your closet! Wish I had bins like those to store my stuff in. The plastic ones I have aren't as pretty.