Monday, February 6, 2012


This past weekend, I got the chance to go to the Walter's Art Gallery in Baltimore.  I grew up in Baltimore but hadn't had a chance to visit the Walters in ages.  Over a decade ago they opened an annex for Asian Art in a beautiful old house next door.  I had never seen the new space and it is spectacular.

This is a view from the first floor up through the spiral staircase to the dome on the fifth floor.  This was someone's house 160 years ago!  I always end up taking a lot of pictures of ceilings, doors and other architectural features.  Architecture translates to knitting!  Like these window screens -

Doesn't that call out for color work or fair isle knitting?  Okay, maybe a little complicated but very cool.
They have wide collections of lots of different types of art and I took tons of pictures.  I need to spend more time on my pictures because many came out blurry, but here is the final one for fiber inspiration:

6th century Byzantine.  The wool was dyed and then woven over undyed linen warp threads.  Isn't that just amazing that the colors can be that bright after that amount of time.  It was great to have the time to just wander around and be inspired.

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