Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

It's a short week here and it is messing me up.  I'll be a day behind all week long.  It was nice to have a long weekend and I got lots of knitting done.  The fronts of my grey sweater are complete and the short sleeves are started.

I also have been working on an article for Cast On magazine and had to do a lot of swatches for examples.

The other work in progress I have to mention of is a bit different.  Today is my 20th wedding anniversary.  Marriages are always works in progress, but this is one that gives me joy every day.    

Head over to Tami's to check out the other projects.  


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have some great plans to celebrate. I think you're right that relationships are a work-in-progress. I read an article recently that talked about how "disappointment" was usually inevitable in any relationship and was one of the most difficult things to work through.

    Don't envy you all the swatch knitting. I can barely manage an occasional swatch for me personal projects!

  2. Happy 20th! We just celebrated that milestone on May 1st. We are leaving Saturday for Maine as a late Anniversary trip. Doesn't seem possible, 20 years with someone who's willing to put up with me. LOL!

    1. Congrats to you too. We're in the same stage of life it seems. My son is a year behind your daughter. Have a great trip. I totally agree it is amazing that my husband has put up with me for two decades!