Friday, August 16, 2013

Custom Fit Sweater - FInished Object Friday!

Happy Friday!
I'm feeling much better, not necessarily getting more sleep, just adjusting to it.  My husband continues to improve but we have 4 - 6 months of recovery/physical therapy to go through.  I promise to not complain for that long.  I'm also very happy to have had so many finished objects in a row!  Feeling very productive.  But this will probably be the last for a week or two.

This is a sweater that came from Amy Herzog's Custom Fit software.  I'm in the second group of beta testers.  You input your swatch details - row and stitch gauges and your measurements.  Then you choose what type of style and some other factors - this is a crew neck pullover with short sleeves and 0" of ease.  You select the hem lengths and depth of the neck opening.  You get a pattern for a bottoms up, set in sleeve that has the waist and bust shaping to fit you perfectly.

I'm very happy with it!  This is a cotton blend that I will get to wear a lot.  I'm planning my second sweater with the beta software now.  The software hopefully will be released this fall.  You don't pay for the software just for the patterns that you create and want to use.

This picture helps you see the vertical darts that are used for the shaping.  The patterns are very well written and give you detailed instructions for the shaping.  There is also a guide for taking your measurements so that you know where and how to measure.  I will keep you posted on how the software is coming and when it will be released.

Have a great weekend, make time for yarn and check out the other great projects at Tami's and Wisdom Begins in Wonder.


  1. Hope you and hubby will both feel better soon! This is a beautiful sweater, the fit is simply fab.

  2. It fits like it was made for you!!! LOL. Gorgeous. Not sure I like that you have to keep paying for the patterns, but I guess it depends how much you would really use it. And, who owns the rights to the pattern? Can anyone download your pattern? But it looks like it is a great program.

    1. Not sure that I can answer all these questions. You can use the pattern over and over but no one else can use it or download it. Why would they want to? It is designed to fit just you! You can't sell it but I'm not sure legally who owns the pattern. You would only pay for a pattern if you changed something - gauge, neckline, sleeve style, etc… I don't know what pricing is per pattern. It is a different model than the sweater programs you can buy and load on your computer. Those you have unlimited use of but they are several hundred dollars and don't have as much shaping. This is more tailored to you and you pay as you go.

  3. It looks perfect and so good on! Glad you're feeling a bit better too!