Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished Object Friday

Okay, i'm new at all this blogging stuff.  I had this post all written and managed to lose it.  Oh well.  That's how you learn.  I found some other knitters who blog on Finished Object Fridays so I'll see if i can do that. The problem is I don't finish things every week.

But at least with doing the Master Knitter, I should have swatches done each week.  Maybe this will keep me motivated.

The first swatch is the tubular bind off and cast off. Many thanks to ChrisKnit for her kind comment on how I did the even number of stitch cast on.  I love both of these techniques, nice and stretchy for ribbing and very nice finished edge.

Second swatch is knit on cast on and suspended bind off.  The trouble with the knit on cast on is that it leaves little holes at the edge - where I have my blocking pins.  It is elastic and you don't have to guess how long a tail to use to cast on but you would have to want those little holes.  Suspended bind off is a good elastic bind off that I'll use if it isn't ribbing - for ribbing, nothing beats the tubular bind off.

So I'm wondering what I have been doing the last quarter of century not experimenting with different techniques.  Never to late to learn to be a thinking knitter.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with not having fo's to post every week... there are weeks that I don't have anything to post, though I usually skip WIP wednesday more often the FO Friday 'cause I've been forgetting to take wip photos or I can't share them because they are design stuff/secret projects.

    Anyways, I'm here a few days late from FO Friday!