Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White Lace

I've been playing around with some very fine white lace. from Sonja Esbensen's book, Knitted Lace - in White.  My eyes maybe too old to handle this.  Pearl Cotton in 20 weight with 0 knitting needles.  This is the Christina pattern - for my first one I had to go with my namesake pattern.  The pattern calls for even smaller needles but for my first try this seemed good enough.  And things are going along very well and then I realize that I made a mistake in a round where the marker had to be moved.  Not sure you can see it on this picture but it is by my index finger.  The diagonal line of three knitted stitches is touching the arched cap and that was supposed to be offset.  Oh well.  I started over and am happier with my restart.  More pictures on that tomorrow.

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