Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kitty Problems

I've been feeling under the weather lately, unusual for me, and actually went to the doctor about it yesterday, unheard of for me.  I'm getting better, some sort of viral infection in the inner ear and sinus which they can't do a lot for but tell you to drink liquids and get some rest and it will be gone in a week or so.  I am getting better but weak.  So when I walked into the living room this morning, this was not what I wanted to see.

As you can see our cat, Inky, has a passion for yarn.  I can understand that, I have one too!  But I like creating things and she likes causing havoc.  So sickly and weak or not, this has to be cleaned up.  I don't even recognize it at first and don't think I left any yarn out last night.  Constant vigilance is required in our house.  The more expensive and delicate the yarn, the more she likes it.  Once she took about  4 ozs of silk cashmere and played with it all over two stories and five rooms of our house.  So first to find an end to start winding from.  Not in the living room, over to the foyer, then the dining room, back to the foyer, no ends in sight, through the living room, across the kitchen, around the island and then around the corner - this:

Because every kitty should have a ball of yarn in her food dish!  Well twenty minutes later, the yarn was all rolled up and stored on the mantle (out of kitty reach).  I'm exhausted and so is Inky, because clean up has just as many opportunities to chase things as the act of destruction itself.  Inky is a nine year old Manx cat, no tail, prone to pudginess, limited jumping ability and this was more exercise than she has had in at least three months, maybe more.  She'll sack out and sleep all day as a result which will give me time to find where the breach in the yarn defenses are.

You would think she would be proud of her handiwork, but she turned her back for every picture!


  1. Hilarious! I tend to wind my skeins into cakes and not balls, so my cat is usually disinterested.

    However, after spending a night in NY with my future inlaws, I got home to find some leftover sea silk winding about the couch. It was such a small amount it hardly mattered, but it was still odd to come home to since she's not usually interested in my yarn so much as she is interested in chewing on my needles as I'm using them. XD

  2. Of course she did, she didn't want to have her face photoed for easy identification.

  3. OMG! So cute and funny! But are you sure Inky isn't part spider? It looks like she's woven herself quite a web in a few of the pictures!

  4. Too funny!! My cat does it too! So funny that Inky put yarn where it belongs - in a kitty food bowl :o)