Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

I've had a lot of finished projects lately so not much to show here.  I started The Proverbial Cap by Meg Swansen to work on my Bavarian twisted stitches.  I love these patterns and how they stand out.

And they are  fairly easy to do - when you work in the round.  No need for a cable needle.  You just pick up the second stitch with the right needle, in front as if to purl if the stitch is twisting/traveling to the right.  If it is traveling/twisting to the left, you pick up the second stitch from the back.  Then slide both stitches off the needle and put the first stitch (that is now free) on the left needle.  Then knit and purl them as required.  All knit stitches are purled through the back loop so they stand out.  If it is a knit stitch over a purl it is called a traveler.  A knit over a knit is called a twist.

Now if you are working these flat, its a bit more difficult.  You have to purl through the back loop so the knit stitches twist properly and there is patterning on every row so it requires some thought.  All the more reason to do this in the round.

Doesn't that look cool?  even with my limited photo skills?  I love how the stitches stand out.  I'm using an alpaca/acrylic blend - just something I had laying around.  Hopefully it should be quick.

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  1. It does look very cool :) I agree that doing it in the round makes more sense - purling through the back loop is never fun!

  2. What a beautiful stitch and I can see why you love them they do stand out so well

  3. That's a neat technique. Thanks for sharing it! Can't wait to see your finished piece.

  4. I have never knit in the round...Your work looks very pretty so far!!

  5. Wow, thanks for the short tutorial. I haven't cable knit yet, but am hoping to at some point soon. I think a hat would be the best way to start.