Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

How quickly the week goes by.  I will have an exciting finished object this week and the potential for one next week but the works in progress are a little on the boring side right now.

I'm still working away on the swatches.  As Calophi said about my last post, it is a bit unsatisfying to just have a swatch.  We want to make something with it!  Though i'm considering framing my walk in the woods swatch.

These swatches are extra frustrating because the first two have to be redone.  This is my first time doing both entrelac and double knitting.  I think I've got the hang of the mechanics of both now but need to start over in order to get the tension perfect.   I always thought entrelac looked so cool but it is a lot of work!  So much turning.  I tried to teach myself to knit both ways but gave that up as head ache inducing at this point in my life.

Those second two pictures that are a mirror image of each other are the same swatch, just different sides. It really is knitting two layers at one time.  It is a cool technique and I'm thinking away of the things I could make with it.

The last swatch is my intarsia replacement swatch.  It will be a compass rose and it is a perfect design for intarsia.  No mix of intarsia and stranding so it will block well.  It doesn't look like much now but I'm happy with it.

Head over to Tami's to see the other fabulous works in progress!


  1. I love double knitting! I haven't done any entrelac yet, and I'm meh at intarsia. I've only done some two-color stuff with it. Love your swatches!

  2. Wow, I'm very impressed, this looks extremely complicated! I don't think I'll ever be this good!

  3. I love Entrelac knitting. It can be so fun to play with the colours. I haven't done any double knitting but it's on my radar to learn asap as my Dad has seen a scarf he wants!

  4. This looks complicated, well done!