Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Well

I'm still slogging through on the Master's Swatches.  Progress has slowed as I have gotten to the harder ones.  I've had three starts on double knitting and have to start again on that.  Two starts on entrelac and have to start over there too.  Intarsia is stumping me the most right now to find the right pattern.  I have always admired Michele Rose Orne's intarsia sweaters and adapted a pattern from her "Walk in the Woods" sweater.  And it turned out okay -

It would be beautiful for a sweater, however…….  I was trying to convince myself that it was okay, but just because I call the colored yarns worsted weight, doesn't make them worsted weight when they are bulky.  Even if Sally Melville says you can bust your stash by mixing different weight yarns and it will look okay (she's right, this looks fine), doesn't mean that the Masters will accept it.  The change in gauge by different yarns is too great.  But it does look good and I'm going to keep it for future inspiration.  Now to find a pattern that will work with with the yarn colors (blue, greys, maroon)  I have in the same weight of yarn.  Suggestions?

But here are some swatches that are on their way to being put in the notebook.  Charted patterns and duplicate stitch.


  1. I couldn't bear to just have a swatch and do nothing with them. My brain says all these swatches need a second swatch so they can be turned into bags. XD

  2. Beautiful, can't wait to see it finished!